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This was a massive door in a beautiful law office that just didn’t meet the mark. It hadn’t been stained or cleared properly. We stripped it, made a custom spray stain match, and cleared it with the highest quality lacquer in town, ordered from Italy. It came out beautiful, looks and feels like glass. We have a spray booth and all the tools to complete a high end lacquer finish on just about anything!

Brad’s fresh new look, turned out great!

Darcy’s rental property needed quite a bit of repair work before painting. Check out how great the house looks after we finished repairing and painting the walls.


We just re-stained these fences in Nolan Hill and they came out looking great!



Jennifer’s house is one out of the 1000’s in Calgary with fading trim, baton and doors. The difference is so incredible at her home. It makes her house re-gain curb appeal. Plus, what homeowner wants to be climbing on their roof? At Same Day Painting we have WCB, $2 million liability insurance and all the right tools to do get your job done safely, efficiently and quickly. Check out these before and after pictures.


Joanne wanted to get rid of the orange and pink (considering she has two boys). She is really happy with the end result!

This fence is 1500 linear feet; 5 football fields! Whether it is staining or a solid product, we can get the job done right. We love painting fences!

The factory paint on Gena’s garage doors isn’t really meant for Calgary’s constant weather changes and replacing them is costly. We use top of the line paint products to make your garage door look brand new and considering it is 25% or more of the visible area on the front of your house It can really influence your homes curb appeal. Door on the left hasn’t been painted, door on the right has. Such a huge difference!


Dave recently bought this house and wanted to have it move-in ready. This is a great way to save money on painting since we have empty rooms and no furniture to contend with.

Do you have water damage on your ceiling like Ed? First thing you want to do is circle the stain to ensure that it’s not continually growing. After than call Same Day Painting. We use a stain-blocking primer and then coat with high quality ceiling paint to ensure that the stain doesn’t continue to bleed through.

Forget the builder beige and brighten up your space with a beautiful grey blue like Jillian. A color like this creates its own accent walls and adds beautiful depth just based on the lighting in the room.

Evan’s rental unit has been brought out the 90’s and into the 21st century with a fresh coat of paint throughout, including: doors and trim, new 3 inch baseboard and a beautiful laminate floor. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference and painting is the first step!

Chelsea’s house is like so many where the batton and fascia are fading year after year. After the hail this summer she decided that it was time to make there house look new again. Check out the difference.

It’s not just a mud-room. It’s the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing you come home to. We use durable paint to handle high traffic areas and your little ones kicking their dirty boots off. Take a deep breath and create a welcoming, organized look and feel in your home.

Lattice is a total pain to paint if you don’t have the proper equipment. We’ll send in a crew with a sprayer and all the proper protective material to ensure we only get paint where it belongs.

“Wow that looks really good! It’s like brand new! Excellent service! Fast and efficient!”
– Chelsea

Hiring someone to paint your house for dirt cheap, doesn’t always save you money. Especially when you have to pay again to have it repainted a year later. Take a look at the flashing on the wall in the before picture and how clean the wall looks after we painted over someone else’s cheap labor.

“My fence looks new again thanks to Jullien at Same Day Painting!”
– Jennifer

“Thank you so much. You have no idea the stress you are taking off my shoulders. I’m so happy!”
– Amanda

“Jullien from Same Day Painting was great! He came in, helped me pick colors and gave us an extremely competitive quote. His care, concern and communication lasted the entirety of the job and I always felt like he treated my property like his own. I love the accent walls and would highly recommend Same Day Painting to friends and family; don’t look anywhere else.”
– Jennifer

“Same Day Painting delivers an excellent product and care and attention to detail from the moment the drop cloths are placed, to the final walk through to ensure the job meets the client’s expectations. More than that, you will be delighted by Jullien’s personality and charisma, his business acumen and pride in a job well done. You will enjoy having him around, guaranteed!”
– Rosemarie

“After spending a small fortune on a beautiful cedar deck I was extremely hesitant to stain it. Unsure I was going to pick the wrong colors and the deck wouldn’t look like I expected it to. Jullien from Same Day Painting personally went and bought four pieces of cedar and made four samples of different stains so I could look at them to set on my deck for a week to make sure I was confident in my decision. He was so reassuring that I knew I had made the right choice once I finally did. On top of that he did an absolutely fantastic job, working day and night until the job was complete, brushing every board on his hands and knees. He did such a great job on my deck that I hired him again to do my fence. Anyone that comes into my yard comments on how great my deck and fence look. I would recommend Same Day Painting to anyone because of the time and attention that goes into making the job right.”
– Jennifer

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