Our Guarantee

At Same Day Painting We Guarantee Fast, Friendly, Quality Service.


  • All communication is handled in the most professional manner.
  • We do not engage in “War of Words”.
  • We show empathy towards others.
  • All communication either through email, text or phone call is responded to within 24 hours.


  • Our painters are uniformed and dress in professional, clean and presentable attire.
  • Our painters are clean and groomed in appearance.


  • This is your home and we respect it as such.
  • No smoking within 500 feet of property.
  • No Alcohol is permitted at any time throughout the course of a project
  • Drug use is grounds for immediate dismissal.
  • Shoes are to be removed before entering home.
  • If we use the bathroom we ensure that it is left completely clean.
  • Our painters never perform work in an unsafe environment.
  • Our painters always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whenever mandated on a job site.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • You are paying for our service and expect nothing but the best.
  • You deserve to be treated respectfully.
  • We complete all work within the agreed upon schedule.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our work, and we deem that it is because of poor craftsmanship or improper application, we will come back to your property and address any concerns.


For three (3) months from completion of the Project, so long as you have complied with all of these terms and conditions, we will repair any peeling or blistering paint that has not bonded to the underlying surface because of our defective workmanship.

Please note that we do not repair peeling paint caused by:

  • Regular wear and tear.
  • Abrasive cleaning, pressure washing, or use of chemicals or cleansers.
  • Sap in wood bleeding through the paint.
  • Fire, flood, graffiti, or vandalism.

This Warranty does not apply to decks, stairs, railings, window sills, fences or any other horizontal surface or surface where water regularly pools. This Warranty is the only warranty we provide and is in lieu of any other warranty, express or implied, that may apply to the Project, other than as applicable by law and cannot be waived.

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